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Transform lives and make positive change

We believe all young people should be supported, empowered and able to reach their full potential and the rights of the innocent should be protected.

Our programs are designed to help bridge the gap faced by some of the most vulnerable at-risk members of our society, but need your help to reach more of our vulnerable young people.

By donating, you will be helping us provide our programs as well as deliver new ones in support of our fight for human rights and social justice.

If you would like to help make the world a better place, please donate today.

We are looking for volunteers who are change makers, passionate about helping those at risk and transforming the lives of vulnerable young people.

Become a Buddy

Our young women need real people who want to have fun, be a positive role model and, most of all, lend a listening ear and encouragement as a trusted adult.

Join the ACE Sisterhood

If you are a mature Out-of-Home care woman interested in joining the BoH ACE Sisterhood movement, our founding principal, Kayt McGeary, will be especially interested in hearing from you to explain the opportunity.

Provide Support

There are many ways to get involved and provide support  from admin duties to marketing and analytics — your specific skills can help make a difference for vulnerable young people, especially young women.


Corporate & philanthropic

We are always looking to partner with like-minded, passionate organisations that want to get involved and are passionate about changing the lives of at risk people in our society.

As an active Bridge Builder partner you will work with us to break down the barriers faced by some of the most at-risk members of our society and help them overcome disadvantage, exclusion and oppressionwhile giving back to the community.

Our Bridge Builders are vital in delivering the vision that all Out-of-Home care young people be properly supported, empowered, capable, and able to reach their full potential and that the rights of the innocent are protected.

Innocence Initiative.

Become a student volunteer

Are you a law, criminology or socially minded student?

Apply to help us investigate claims of wrongful conviction, work to achieve the exoneration and release of ‘convicted innocents’, conduct research and campaign for the reform of issues that may lead to such miscarriages of justice, while gaining valuable experience in the field and enhancing your employment opportunities.

Join the movement (Universities)

Due to the success of the BoH Innocence Initiative with RMIT, we are excited to offer use of this model in partnership with other universities Australia wide.

This partnership opportunity enables Universities to:

  • Develop their own BoH Innocence Initiative
  • Establish the Bridging the Gap program within the geographical areas covered by the university

Wrongly convicted?

If you, or someone you know, wish to have a matter reinvestigated by the innocence initiative, please complete the BoH Innocence Initiative Application Form with as much detail as possible and email to or post to the below address, which will lead to the application being professionally assessed.

The Bridge of Hope Foundation Inc.

PO Box 125
Southland Centre VIC 3192


Help us deliver programs to bridge the gap faced by some of Australia's most vulnerable young people.



Are you a change maker? Are you passionate about helping vulnerable people transform their lives?



We're always looking to partner with like-minded organisations that are passionate about creating real change.