The award winning BoH

Innocence Initiative.

Investigating claims of wrongful conviction and campaigning for reform

In partnership with the RMIT University, the BoH Innocence Initiative commenced in 2013.

The Innocence Initiative aims to examine cases where a person may have been wrongfully convicted and assist in exonerating that person if there is evidence of a wrongful conviction.

Using a unique model developed by BoH specialists and RMIT’s Associate Professor at the School of Global and Social Studies, the initiative also conducts research and campaigns for reform of issues that lead to such injustices.

All sourced research information (transcripts, FOI receipted documents) is stored securely and confidentially agreements are entered into by all persons involved. BoH provide all legal support, while RMIT manage the student interns.

Key goals.

1. Prepare the case for further appeal

We source all the trial evidence, including transcripts and arrange for criminal trial barristers and solicitors to brief the student interns assigned to the particular case. The briefing includes advice on how best to investigate and prepare the case for further appeal.

2. Enhance employment outcomes for the students involved

The student interns act for both the project and BoH itself — making a real difference for a wrongly convicted person — while gaining for the student valuable real world experience.

Through this initiative, students acting in the role of researcher, hub participant or intern greatly enhance their job prospects.

Become a student volunteer.

Are you a law, criminology or social justice student?

If accepted as a student itern, you will be assigned to a case hub. A case hub is a team working on a particular case matter.

Participation will involve:

  • Being briefed by legal experts in relation to the criminal aspects of the case
  • Experiencing case management e.g. correspondence, Freedom of Information requests, liaising with professionals such as law firms and other agencies including the Victoria Police Forensic Centre
  • Data entry and analysis using case management software
  • Working with other volunteers, interns, and tutors in the case hub, and reporting to the RMIT Project Manager and RMIT Project Director

Wrongly convicted?

If you, or someone you know, wish to have a matter reinvestigated by the Innocence Initiative, please complete the BoH Innocence Initiative Application Form, with as much detail as possible. Once complete, email this to or send a copy to the below address. All applications are professionally assessed and treated confidentionally.

The Bridge of Hope Foundation Inc.

PO Box 125
Southland Centre VIC 3192

Due to the success of the BoH Innocence Initiative with RMIT, we are excited to offer use of this model in partnership with other universities Australia wide.

This partnership opportunity enables universities to:

  • Develop their own BoH Innocence Initiative
  • Establish the Bridging the Gap program within the geographical areas covered by each university

Join the movement.

Give us a call if you’d like to explore this further.

Meet our


Our patrons are key influencers with vast skills, experience and a shared goal to champion the BoH mission. Their passion is to give hope and make a real difference in the lives of the young and the vulnerable.

The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG

Former Justice of the High Court of Australia, Patron, Innocence Initiative

Robert Ritcher QC

Patron, Innocence Initiative

Gillian Triggs

Emeritus Professor, (former principal patron, 2015–2019) stepped down in 2019 to take a position with the United Nations

Meet our


Our ambassadors are an inspiring group of people who represent and advocate for the BoH vision. They shine a light on injustice, advocate for reform and right wrongs where miscarriages of justice occur.

Robert Stary

Principal, Criminal Law Specialist, Adjunct Professor at Victorian University

Dr Michele Ruyters

Associate Dean of Criminology and Justice

Dr Robert Moles

Flinders University SA, Chief Researcher, Networked Knowledge

Meet our

Reference Group Members.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, the BoH Innocence Initiative reference group are influential specialists in the fields of law, justice, welfare and human rights. 

Together they are helping us drive the change needed to achieve our vision.


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